GOALS, Take Two

Thinking about creating any kind of time line to have all these goals completed by is a bit daunting- so I won’t do that. I will simply work everyday, making little changes until I get there.

1. Make most all of my products- cleaning products, makeup, skincare, haircare. I read somewhere that an easy way to go about this without getting overwhelmed, is to take it one step at a time. Don’t throw out everything- When you’ve run out of one thing, simply replace it with your alternative.

2. Be a better grocery shopper: Don’t ever throw out any food again/eat healthy and cheap

3. Have a closet that works for me rather than against.

4. Stop unnecessary spending.

5. Donate/sell/get rid of anything I don’t absolutely need.

6. Save and invest as much money possible.

There they are. I know that there are more, so when they finally come to me I will write them down.


So I figured I’d start off by stating what I have in mind for this blog and then try to write down some feasible goals.

[Some background] For as long as I can remember, I’ve been trying to downsize my life. When I say “downsize my life,” I’m talking about getting rid of unnecessary crap that found it’s way into my room. In my earlier years, it wasn’t so much about living simply, but rather, having a clean and uncluttered space. Now, I have realized that a minimalistic life is what I want. I waste so much money on clothes/beauty products/random things that ultimately mean nothing. I believe in quality over quantity- If you have fewer things that all serve a purpose, those things are of greater value. If that makes any sense…

Currently, I am living in a two bedroom apartment with my roommate and two cats. I will be graduating soon from college and then moving off to another state to pursue my masters. I am very excited for this upcoming move- I see it as a clean slate to really help me get going with this new lifestyle. Ok, so.. goals. OH, in addition to the whole minimalism thing, I also want to slowly incorporate some other healthy and positive choices into my daily life- for example… skin care and makeup. I would love to be able to make my own products or at least search out products that are all natural. To live without chemicals would be awesome. I also just like being super self-sufficient!

1. Living Space

2. Clothes

3. Makeup

4. Skin Care

5. Food

6. Money

Ok sorry these are topics not goals.. I’ll get to goals a bit later!