Going Shampoo-less.

For about a week, I have not used shampoo or conditioner!  I tried the “no poo” method two summers ago, kept it up for a mere 2 weeks, then quit. It was working but I got lazy and switched back. I still don’t have it down to an exact science yet, but it’s going good so far. In my shower I now have two spray bottles (need to invest in better ones). One is filled with a baking soda and water mixture and the other is a combination of apple cider vinegar and water. I don’t think I have the ratio right so I will have to try again the next batch. Here is the link to the website that inspired me.

There are healthier and cheaper alternatives out there for everything- We live in such a consumeristic society where the norm is to throw away and buy, throw away and buy. Honestly, I’m not so concerned with “being green” or saving the planet, I just want to break away from this society that holds materialism in high standards. I love being creative and coming up with ways to recycle and refurbish old things. Making your own products (shampoo, deodorant etc..) is easy, saves you a lot of money (including the gas you’d spend to go out to purchase them), and is healthier- no chemicals or toxins. To me it seems like a win win.


Update: I’m kicking myself for not sticking with this earlier. I don’t have to wash my hair everyday and it feels so silky!!  Before if I missed a day of washing, it would get really oily.. Today was day two without and it was completely fine- will see how tomorrow goes!

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