GOALS, Take Two

Thinking about creating any kind of time line to have all these goals completed by is a bit daunting- so I won’t do that. I will simply work everyday, making little changes until I get there.

1. Make most all of my products- cleaning products, makeup, skincare, haircare. I read somewhere that an easy way to go about this without getting overwhelmed, is to take it one step at a time. Don’t throw out everything- When you’ve run out of one thing, simply replace it with your alternative.

2. Be a better grocery shopper: Don’t ever throw out any food again/eat healthy and cheap

3. Have a closet that works for me rather than against.

4. Stop unnecessary spending.

5. Donate/sell/get rid of anything I don’t absolutely need.

6. Save and invest as much money possible.

There they are. I know that there are more, so when they finally come to me I will write them down.

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